Ad Display

You always get this situation too, right😏 First of all, you are not alone. We all already know that in search engines such as Google and Yandex, the algorithm can learn and show us ads related to the words which we are searching. But the part that we don’t understand is how advertisements show us through that 🤔 The reason for this is that we allow microphone access in many applications we use on smartphones. For example; If you constantly talk about “dog food” in your daily life, since your microphone access is open in many applications, the algorithm of the relevant channel thinks that you need dog food and you are interested in; You include it in the target audience that is “dog food” and you are exposed to the ad impression. If you have a dog and buy food, you may continue to be exposed to occasional ad impressions. But if you don’t have a dog and you haven’t made a purchase, the algorithm will decide that you are not a potential buyer and stop displaying these ads after a while😪


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