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Campaign Strategy
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Monthly Evaluation
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RTB House
Montly Presentations
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Offline Marketing
Detailed Data Analysis
International Ads
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E-export Consultancy
Brand Advisor
Basic Advance Performance
Technical Seo
Seo Strategy
Mail Support
Search Console
Monthly Reporting
Product Descriptions
Product Nomenclature
Backlink & Reference
On-Site Optimizations
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Content Production
Content Check ups
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Social Media Seo
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404 Design
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Template Design
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Social Media Sharing
Brand Advisor
Basic Advance Performance
Shopify Development
Setting Up Shopify Store
Theme Purchase and Installation
Live support
Competitor Analysis
Integration of Product Datas
Integration of Shipping
Payment Infrastructure Installations
ERP Integration
Integration of User's Data
Interface Customizations
Setting Up Collections Pages
Responsive Design
Bugfix after migration
Shopify App Installations
SEO Site Structure and Hierarchy
SEO Url Editing and Redirects
Setting Up E-mail Marketing
Setting Up Push Notifications
Setting Up Marketing Strategy
Review Configuration
Multi Language Customizations
Revise Request
Google Support
Shopify Support
Integration of Payment Methods
Integration of Accounting Apps
Advisor (Brand Consultancy)

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We are the first e-export focused digital marketing agency in Turkey!

What are the Services We Provide?

We do advertising management on all digital platforms brands need, such as Instagram, Facebook, Google, TikTok, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Telegram. We have SEO consultancy and content production for the organic side. In addition, we do all the graphic works of brands such as making banners and sliders for the website, preparing advertisement images, and preparing and sharing posts and stories for social media. Not only managing these platforms, but we also provide performance marketing consultancy for the e-commerce processes of brands selling domestically and the e-export processes of brands selling abroad. In summary, “how and by what methods does a brand grow? How does it sell to the whole world?” We bring effective solutions to these questions. We are experienced in advertising management in Russia, Europe, Middle East regions. In addition to B2C, our B2B activities are quite strong.

How Do We Do Digital Advertising Management?

Before starting advertising management; We make a detailed check-up of the website and the application. Afterward, we determine the items that make it difficult to analyze performance, interface reviews and shopping and create a list. We provide control and regulation of about 60 metrics such as measurements, optimizations, things to be done in the trading account, arrangement of events, and pixel controls on the side of Google Analytics, Google Ads, or Business Manager. we are doing. We prepare a detailed Business Plan for each brand. Then, we outline all the things that need to be done about e-commerce and e-export and determine our marketing budget and strategy. In addition; by examining the number of stocks and category diversity; we set our traffic, conversion rate, campaign and endorsement targets. We manage all the platforms used by the brand, such as Google Ads, Meta Ads, Push, Mailing, Third-party software and remarketing tools, which are our main business. We attach so much importance to advertising creatives that we plan the creatives with our graphic team in line with our advertising strategy. In addition, we not only stay on the digital side but also provide 360-degree brand consultancy by determining the product success criteria such as RPT, stock the endorsement rates, shelf lives, target model number, production speed and target stock, which are needed for the growth of the brand.

How Do We Support SEO?

Our first target on SEO is organic development. We improve our work in 4 different stages. Firstly, we handle the technical revisions (technical seo studies), which is the first part (sitemap corrections, robots.txt adjustments, if any spam cleaning, dofollow adjustments of exit links, etc.), the duration of this part depends on the solution of the relevant e-commerce infrastructure. The completion time of the first part is planned between 1-2 months. The second stage is the product and category (on-site seo studies). In this section, we complete all the improvements on the site, such as writing the titles and descriptions of the categories, and also completing the category articles. Our third work will be in the direction of backlinks (off-site seo studies, references). Finally, we turn to the first 3 studies specific to the product name or category that we have determined. Paid tools such as semrush, screaming frog, mozbar, ahrefs are covered by the agency and are not billed to the brand side.

What kind of services do we provide about Graphic Design?

We design stories, posts and reels for social media channels of brands. We also make monthly banner, slider and campaign designs for websites and apply them to the brand’s website. In addition, we design all the images, discount images, campaign and collection videos, effective reels creatives that the brand needs for the digital advertising platforms.

What distinguishes BusinessUp! from Other Agencies?

We work without the commitment to show that we are confident. If we cannot meet the brand’s expectations, we can part ways at any time. At the beginning of the week, we make online meetings with our brands and determine our weekly activities and roadmap. Before we start a new monthly plan, we evaluate the previous month’s performance and make new decisions. We manage abroad performance marketing, and we see our biggest advantage as e-export because we care very much about the e-export of the brands we collaborate with. We keep records of all the work we do in the business management system. In this way; We transparently document situations such as what we did yesterday, how many jobs we did last week, and how long we worked for the brand today or last month. We offer third-party software support called Iyosa, of which we are an investor. Thanks to Iyosa, we integrate your website in a concise time, and we offer 15 conversion-enhancing scenarios free of charge.

How Do We Support B2B?

We can collect customer data about your products and brand from all over the world through Lead advertisements. We have a program to collect data from Google local businesses for your retail customer, we can create groups using bots on telegram and support your product promotions. In short, we personally undertake the consultancy of the business from how your website should be designed to the roadmap your brand needs to go.

Our Achievements in Performance Marketing

We collected thousands of participant forms by managing the performance marketing of WorldEcomExpo, Turkey’s largest e-commerce event. With the digital marketing efforts we have made for Bilcee, the average cost per shopping has been reduced by 4 times and decreased from 34TL to 8TL. The endorsement end has increased 3 times on average. The endorsement was doubled from the first month while maintaining the ROI level. For Pop Europe; Digital marketing efforts were initiated in European countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium, and the brand’s e-export steps were taken. By planning active campaigns for Welcome Baby, the endorsement was increased 6 times on certain days. Since the day we started, the endorsement has increased 4 times and exceeded 1 million. The average ROI level of 1:56 was achieved in Meta advertisements in Suud Collection, and the endorsement was increased 3 times. We have signed many success stories like these. In addition, by managing our B2B activities in Russia, the Middle East and Europe, we are making serious progress in telegram and google business data and strengthening our B2B activities.

Our Achievements in SEO

With the SEO work for Lolons, we placed in the top 5 in the search for “Baby Wear” and increased our organic income 3 times in 5 months. With the SEO applied to Bilcee, they moved up from 76th place to the top 5 in the “women’s sportswear” category and brought many categories to the first page in organic rankings. With the SEO applied to Kaktüs Moda in the B2B field, we have placed in the top 5 in “Wholesale Women’s Clothing” searches within 2 months. At Welcome Baby, we increased our organic income 3 times.