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BusinessUp Is Shopify Partner

If you want to achieve lasting success by positioning your marketing architecture correctly in e-commerce, Shopify is for you! As BusinessUp, we support your brand to achieve its goals by making shopify theme designs and infrastructure integrations.

Our team has experienced FullStack software developers and Shopify Support experts. We work with you by adopting common goals after designing and publishing customized Shopify themes to best reflect your brand’s goals.

BusinessUp x Shopify Success Story

BusinessUp aims to increase their turnover by collaborating with brands around the world and supporting the design, development and long-term strategy plans of Shopify websites.

Our Shopify support team takes into account every step of the user journey; Implements strategic steps to maximize conversions, average order value and user experience. Do you want to open your growth-oriented Shopify store designed to attract your users?

What Do We Do at Shopify?

Shopify store installation, original and functional theme designs, customizations and improvements to your existing theme, migration from a different infrastructure

Shopify Support team creates marketing architecture according to your brand, site speed and visual optimizations, bug fixes in your existing theme.

Delivering more personalized experience than your competitors, design customizations through recent performance and page speed standards

Shopify On-page and Off-page SEO studies, technical SEO, improved user experience and user-friendly pages

Creating and publishing content suitable for the target audience and brand identity, examining and analyzing interactions

Data-based digital marketing, accurate budget management, marketing architecture, reporting support and e-commerce consultancy


Reviews From Brands


Packaging Lab

BusinessUp is great at this! They appointed us not only a Shopify expert but also a Design and R&D team. They did a lot of R&D and installed many useful applications to make the website more user-friendly. They also appointed a backend developer, who did a great job combining our design ideas with user experience. We are sure that Packaging Lab's will continue to reach a much better place in a short time. Thank you very much BusinessUp.

Mehmet AYKUT

Fresh Scarfs

I think they understand our brand and target audience very well. We established our company in Germany to expand success from Turkey to abroad. BusinessUp helped us to step into a brand new domain, a brand new infrastructure. We are close to achieving e-export success not only in Germany but throughout Europe. I thank BusinessUp for being an agency with which I speak the same language.

Shopify Team


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps you set up and manage your own online store. It offers tools to help you analyze your store, market and manage your users correctly. It allows you to customize the design and functionality of your store according to your needs.

Shopify is suitable for businesses of all sizes:


  • Small businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Big businesses
  • Shopify offers a variety of payment methods you can use in your store.
  • Shopify Payments is an integrated payment processor offered by Shopify. It is suitable for use worldwide.
  • In addition to Shopify payments, regional payment methods, alternative payment methods and digital wallets can also be used.

If you want to sell worldwide with Shopify, it's important to comply with each country's e-commerce laws and regulations. By Shopify store setups, you need to accurately plan important points such as multi-language support, researching international shipping options and fees, automatic currency conversion feature, and all the necessary steps to start selling globally with Shopify.

You can receive consultancy on Shopify site installation, custom theme design, activation of apps to improve user experience and increase loyalty, digital marketing, social media management and monthly technical support.

Moving your e-commerce site may seem like a complex and daunting process at first glance. Without proper planning and technical expertise, you may experience unintended consequences such as lost traffic, decreased search engine rankings, and decreased sales. As the BusinessUp Shopify Team, we are here to help you manage the migration process of your e-commerce site perfectly. With our expert team and comprehensive solutions, we move your site from different infrastructures safely and smoothly.

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