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Do You Use Meta Advantage Plus Campaigns?

Why Should We Use It?

1: How and Why It Appeared?

We heard it for the first time in 2021. Advantage+ was born to take on many of the old responsibilities of digital marketers, providing easy setup and a sales-oriented target. It can also perform excellent audience analysis, as it bases its learning on artificial intelligence, following the trend of many advanced tools, such as Google’s Maximum Performance campaign.

2: In Which Areas Can It Be Used?

There are currently two main types of campaigns that can be run using Advantage+. The first is shopping, the second is app ads. If you have a wide range of products or high volume and you want to scale your catalog ads, we strongly recommend using Advantage+ because it uses machine learning.

3: In Which Areas Should It Not Be Used?

Meta says Advantage Plus may not be perfect for B2B campaigns yet. But that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore B2B use cases. You can use it to get leads, but we advise you to be careful.

4: Let’s get to the point. Why Should We Use Advantage Plus Campaigns?

By automating up to 150 creative combinations in a single campaign, you can open ads without wasting extra time or guessing. You can automatically test and serve your top-performing creative across all placements. By presenting your ads to the audiences most likely to convert, it allows you to better use your advertising budget and get high efficiency as it is an automated sales campaign that uses machine learning. This means your campaigns are tailored to the best response in real time.


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