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How to Manage Google Ads?

Google Ads is the world’s most popular online advertising platform. The Google Ads service is used to serve ads on YouTube, Gmail and other Google products. Google Ads is an effective way for businesses to reach potential customers and increase conversions.

Google Ads ads can increase traffic to your business website, products or services, and create demand for you to convert this traffic into conversions. Through Google Ads, you can target your ads according to the interests and behaviors of your potential customers. In this way, your ads will become more relevant and effective.

You can also use Google Ads. However, it takes time and expertise to make your ads successful. For this reason, many businesses work with an agency to manage their Google Ads ads.

What are Google Ads Advertising Types?
Google is an advertising platform provider that offers various types of ads. These types of advertising help businesses reach their target audience and promote their products or services.

Search Network Ads: These ads are text ads that appear when users search for certain keywords on Google. Businesses bid on specific keywords and their ads appear among the results of related searches.

Display Ads: These are visual ads displayed on websites and applications in the Google Display Network. Businesses can create ad displays customized to their target audience.

Video Ads: Video ads published on the YouTube platform or Google Display Network. It has an important place in terms of brand awareness.

Shopping Ads: These ads, which are important for e-commerce businesses, are product list ads that contain the image, price and business name of the products. These ads show products directly to users who are searching for them.

App Promotion Ads (App Ads): Mobile application developers can use these ads to encourage users to download their applications.

Performance Max:

Performance Max helps advertisers across different Google networks achieve their goals by using Google’s automated bidding and ad serving systems.

This ad type includes multiple ad formats and targeting. Automatically optimizes your ads across various Google networks (search, display, video, games, discovery, etc.) based on your performance goals.

Dynamics Search Ads (DSA): Using automatically generated ads based on your website content. This type of advertising is especially useful for large websites or e-commerce platforms. DSA works in sync with your website’s pages and content. It then creates dynamic titles and descriptions that are associated with searches that users make.

What is Google Advertising Agency?
Google advertising agencies are organizations that specialize in creating, managing and optimizing advertising campaigns for businesses through the Google Ads platform. Google advertising agencies use experience and knowledge to help businesses achieve their advertising goals. It works to ensure that the products or services provided by businesses reach the right target audience.

Google advertising agencies can provide the following services to businesses:

Creating and optimizing advertising campaigns,

Managing advertising budgets,

Monitoring and reporting advertising performance,

Analyzing and improving advertising campaigns.

How Do Google Advertising Agencies Work?

Google advertising agencies perform the following tasks to make businesses’ advertising campaigns successful:

Determining advertising goals: The agency works with the business to understand what it wants to achieve from its advertising campaigns.

Identifying the advertising audience: The agency conducts research to determine who the business wants to see its ads.

Creating advertising campaigns: The agency creates advertising campaigns that suit the business’s goals and target audience.

Managing advertising campaigns: The agency works regularly to optimize advertising campaigns and monitor their performance.

Reporting advertising performance: The agency regularly provides the business with reports on the performance of its advertising campaigns.

What to Consider When Choosing a Google Advertising Agency?
It is important to consider the following factors when choosing a Google advertising agency:

Agency expertise: It is important that the agency is experienced in the Google Ads platform.

Agency services: Evaluate the services the agency can offer businesses.

Agency fees: The agency’s fees must fit into the budget of the business.

Google Advertising Agency Fees
Fees of Google advertising agencies vary depending on the services they provide and the budgets of businesses. Typically, agencies use one of the following pricing models:

Flat fee: The agency charges a flat fee for campaign setup and management.

Percentage fee: The agency charges a percentage of advertising spend.

Performance-based fee: The agency receives compensation based on the performance of its advertising campaigns.

Advantages of Working with Google Advertising Agencies
Working with advertising agencies provides businesses with the following advantages:

Time and cost savings: The Google Ads platform can be complex. The agency can reduce the time and cost required to manage businesses’ advertising campaigns.

Expertise: The agency consists of a team of experts who are experienced and knowledgeable in the Google Ads platform. This gives businesses access to the expertise needed to make their advertising campaigns successful.

Performance improvement: The agency can help businesses achieve their goals by regularly monitoring and improving the performance of their advertising campaigns.


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